Company Name: VillageCareMAX
Type: Site redesign & custom WordPress CMS install
Services Rendered: Strategy, messaging, design, coding, WordPress CMS, ongoing support and consulting
Websites: http://villagecaremax.org,


VillageCareMAX is a new service provided by VillageCare, based in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, which has historically focused on ever-changing health care trends and has worked to create responses to new and emerging needs.

For more than 35 years, VillageCare has accomplished this by providing quality health care to older adults and to those with other chronic diseases and conditions, including HIV/AIDS, who are in need of continuing care and rehabilitation services.

Humanize partnered with VillageCareMAX to refine their messaging and visuals and plan, design, code and launch a network of three WordPress websites — their corporate site as well as two product sites.