As much as possible, know thyself. Work hard to serve others and generate value. Become an expert, cultivate passions. Have high ideals and stick to them. Stay positive, be generous and tolerant in your thinking about yourself and others. Avoid judgment, and feel gratitude not entitlement for what’s come your way. Don’t try to change others — put that energy toward being your best self. Have compassion, listen, strengthen your powers of empathy, acknowledge privilege and oppression, find things funny, don’t waste your time with stupid things or feelings, read, keep your body and mind busy, maintain friendships, don’t be greedy, put experiences ahead of stuff. Contextualize, depersonalize, humanize: try to put everything in context, try not to take things personally, and look to find the humanity in everyone. Take care of your teeth and gums, don’t overeat, protect yourself from the sun. Seek to have contact with a diverse range of people. Spend as much time as possible in nature. Don’t bottle up the love you feel — let it flow. Build your life around family. Forgive. Choose to be happy.


GRT — April 2018