The Humanize Foundation Dyad Program

This effective 9-week science-based course allows you to reconnect with yourself and others. Based on social neuroscience it builds resilience and social capacities such as empathy, compassion and social connectedness.

Weekly 90-minute live classes, taught by expert facilitators, daily 15-minute Humanize Dyads.

9 weeks

90 min live classes led by Humanize Facilitator

daily 15-minute Humanize Dyads



live, through the Humanize Portal App

ongoing and access to downloadable material

Program Cost

495€ for EU programs

595$ for US programs

Elevate your contemplative Journey

Discover a deeper level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence beyond traditional mindfulness programs.

Effortless Daily Practice

Get results in just 15 minutes a day with our structured meditation sessions, so you can quickly integrate the practice into your busy life.

Unlock the Power of Connection

This isn't your typical solo meditation; experience the transformative impact of daily partner meditation with another human.

Seamless Scheduling for your Daily Dyad

Our custom app simplifies scheduling, ensuring you and your partner effortlessly align your daily meditation practice.


Learn to connect with yourself

Develop a better understanding of what signals your emotions are sending.

Find insights about yourself and relationship habits that are hidden within your emotions – especially challenging emotions, which people tend to avoid.

Increase connection with others

Improve your listening skills.

Practice hearing beyond the surface-level words into the deeper emotions that another person is experiencing.

Feel connected to humanity

Connect with a wide variety of people, and break down social fears that create a feeling of separation and loneliness.

Practice gratitude daily to become more connected to other people and the world around you.

Olisia - v2
"I just did the third day of the Dyads, and wow, I love it soooo much. I think this is like really, the real deal. This method is really on to something I think. What a beautiful practice. I am enjoying it so much already.”

Olisia Juzyc, United States

Eva - v2
"With every heart and brain cell, I can wholeheartedly recommend this 9-week program by Humanize. I don't think I have ever felt so transformed by a program as this one. And yes, this is a pretty big claim to make.

It's the simplicity and the magic of humans connecting as humans, that makes it so powerful. I even started to secretly dream of a world, where every human being can experience the power of it."

Eva-Maria Zoll, Germany

Esra - v2
"I wholeheartedly recommend the Humanize Dyad Foundation Program. It's impact on my life has been profound. It has open my heart to the power of compassion, deepened in my connections with others, and illuminated the transformative potential of being fully present. If you are seeking an authentic and meaningful learning experience, I encourage you to embark on this remarkable journey!"

Esra Sagol, Turkey

Laurie - v2
"Humanize has been an incredible and truly life changing program for me. It has brought into focus that difficulty and gratitude can exist together and what true compassionate listening can do for my life. There were several days in the program where I did not want to meet for a dyad due to difficulty I was having that day. Every time, I made myself participate in the dyad session anyway and every time the session would completely transform the difficultly into ease. Humanize has and is continuing to increase my ability to listen to others compassionately!"

Laurie Hallihan, United States

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About the Dyad Program


9-week Live Online Program

Includes weekly 90-minute live classes held by expert facilitators, featuring science-based material, interactive learning, and skills coaching.

Daily 15-minute Dyad

Practice the Dyad with your fellow classmates through the secure Humanize web platform or mobile app.

Based on 20+ years of Social Neuroscience Research

Conducted at the Max Planck Institute’s Social Neuroscience Lab.

Join the Dyad Practice Community after your Program

Dyad Program graduates can subscribe for ongoing Dyad practice, continuous learning, and community gatherings.

Who is the Foundation Dyad Program For?

  • Psychologists & Therapists
  • Contemplative Practitioners
  • Healthcare workers
  • Meditation teachers
  • NGO workers
  • Community Leaders
  • CEO’s, Founders & Entrepreneurs

...and anyone interested in deepening well-beingemotional intelligence, and connectedness with others

What happens in a Dyad?

The Humanize Dyad is peer-to-peer self-reflection in the presence of a supportive listener, held securely online through the Humanize app, and based on decades of social neuroscience research.

It is not therapy, coaching, or advice-giving. Instead, partners take turns sharing about daily difficult emotions and gratitude while the other partner listens. It is a short but powerful practice to reflect, connect with another human being, and build social and emotional skills, all in just 15 minutes a day.

The Humanize App guides you and your partner through each step of the Dyad practice, and you change partners each week, giving you the chance to connect with many different people.

Foundation Dyad Program Curriculum

What you will learn in the nine class sessions (90 minutes each)

Session 1: Welcome and Program Foundations

  • Learn the history and scientific foundations of Humanize — the Dyad practices

Session 2: Dyad Kickoff

  • Learn the components of the Dyad and how they cultivate connection

Session 3: Presence and Empathy

  • Learn how the structure of the Dyad supports presence, and how presence creates the conditions for empathy

Session 4: Body Awareness

  • Learn about science of “interoception”: capacity to be aware of one’s bodily sensations, including feelings and emotions

Session 5: Challenging Emotions

  • Learn how allowing and accepting difficult emotions creates a shift that allows us to better understand and work with challenging situations

Session 6: Gratitude

  • Learn the impact of inclining the mind toward and opening the heart to gratitude

Session 7: Social Patterns and Reactivity

  • Learn how humans are a social species with a deep drive to affiliate and belong as part of our survival and understand the unconscious and conscious ways we impact each other

Session 8: Common Humanity and Compassion

  • Learn how connecting with ourselves and others re-shapes our relationships by clarifying our views of others, reducing emotional friction, and activating healthy and pro-social motivations.

Session 9: Integration and Closing

  • Reflect on the ways the program has impacted you, such as increasing connection to your body, becoming comfortable with a broader range of emotions in yourself and others, connecting with partners, and feeling part of common humanity

What participants say about the Dyad Program...

88% Feel more grateful

  • Notice moments of gratitude
  • Feel more connected to others
  • Improve your listening skills

84% Sense emotions better

  • Improve emotion regulation
  • Increase your body awareness
  • Find comfort with all emotions

84% Feel more connected

  • Understand social habits
  • Strengthen social skills
  • Reduce negative judgement

* Based on a survey of 150 Foundation Dyad Program participants

Program Cost

Program Price
Course fee: $595 US courses / €495 EU courses. Payment is made upfront to secure your spot on the program.

Payment Plans
It is possible to pay in three monthly instalments for the program. Write to with full invoicing details and the name of the course you want to join.

Humanize is committed to making its programming accessible and affordable for individuals who may not have the financial means to support the full cost. Because Humanize relies on participant payments to run classes, we encourage participants to pay what they can.

If paying full price for a Humanize program would create financial difficulty for you, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship. A small number of 25% and 50% scholarships are available.

Scholarship amounts are offered based on the number of applicants and the available resources for funding scholarships. Participants of all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to join a Foundation Dyad program.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please fill out the related question when registering for your desired course.

Group Pricing
Humanize For group pricing (five or more people), contact

Register for an upcoming Dyad Program

Choose the program that suits your language, time zone and availability. Register for the course by filling out the application form as you click 'register now', under your preferred teacher. Have your discount coupon ready if you have one, chose whether you'd need a scholarship. Once we receive your application, you'll hear from us within a few days and you'll receive a payment link. One week before the course starts, we welcome you to the Humanize journey with a login to the Humanize portal, where you'll find everything you need to participate in the program.

Currently Available Programs

Martin Buechele ©Zaponig AZA0048
Teacher Images

Cäcilia Krämer

Duration: May 27 - July 22
Live Sessions: Mondays, 6:30 PM CET
Details: EU program in German
Cost: 495 €

Martin Büchele

Duration: fall 2024
Live Sessions: will be announced soon
Details: EU program in German
Cost: 495 €

Megan Prager

Duration: June 18- August 13, 2024
Live Sessions: Tuesday, 9AM PST
Details: US program in English
Cost: 595 $

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