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Applications for 2024 are closed.

Why join the Humanize Teacher Training?

  • Learn to teach an innovative new contemplative program, based on 20+ years of social neuroscience research and focused on the art and science of connection
  • Become equipped to offer others a research-proven training to improve a wide variety of social & emotional benefits, including lower social stress and higher resilience, emotional awareness, and empathy
  • Learn new practices to help participants with timely and relevant challenges like building empathy, restoring social trust, healing social isolation, and seeing common humanity
  • Extend your contemplative or mindfulness-based offerings with a program that can either build on participants’ exposure to mindfulness practices, or be a first entryway into contemplative practices
  • Deepen your own contemplative practice with a training focused on somatic awareness, recognition of your social patterns, and inquiry into specific daily challenges & moments of gratitude
  • Teach with the technological support of the Humanize portal & app, which enables participants to schedule and hold structured Dyad conversations
  • Join a community of Dyad teachers and get to know peers from around the world

Who is this Teacher Training for?

Past participants have included coaches, consultants, trainers, therapists, human resource professionals, and healthcare workers.

The training is intended for anyone working to help others through guidance in skills of the heart and mind.

Be sure you first take a Foundation Dyad Program!

Participation in a Foundation Dyad Program is a prerequisite for Teacher Training — we want you to experience the program you’ll be learning to teach.

If you are considering Teacher Training, we strongly encourage you to sign up for a Foundation Dyad Program as soon as possible.


Teacher Training Program Overview

Humanize teacher training consists of two phases to be taken consecutively.

Phase 1: Teaching Preparation

  • 4 months
  • Weekly live online 2-3 hour class sessions that include instruction from teacher training faculty, group discussion, breakout groups for teaching & embodiment skills, and small-group practice teaching sessions
  • Weekly self-study through videos and readings
  • Daily Dyads with Teacher Training peers

Phase 2: Practicum Teaching

  • 3 months, beginning right after Phase 1
  • Teacher Training Participants work with Humanize to set up their own Foundation Dyad Course
  • Group supervision sessions with teacher training faculty
  • Participants complete final self-reflection to submit for certification
  • Final certification assessment made by panel of senior teachers
  • Upon certification, participants join Humanize Teacher Network and are eligible to teach Foundation Dyad Program courses

Humanize Teacher Network

Upon successful completion of phases 1 and 2, teacher training participations formally join the Humanize Teacher Network, which includes:

  • Formal certification as a Humanize Certified Dyad Teacher
  • Ability to teach Foundation Dyad Programs to public audiences of your choice, using the Humanize portal & app to support all aspects of your participants’ course experience: course resources, Dyad scheduling & meeting tools, and course administration tools
  • Teacher bio and courses listed on the Humanize website
  • Marketing materials & templates to promote your courses
  • Periodic online meetings for the Humanize Teacher Network

Program Dates 2024

Phase 1:

Opening Session: Fri Apr 5 & Sat Apr 6, 9am-12pm PT (6pm - 9pm CET)

Weekly Sessions: every Friday April 12  - June 29, 9am-12pm PT (6pm - 9pm CET)

Closing Session: Fri June 29 & Sat June 29, 9am-12pm PT (6pm - 9p CET)

Phase 2:

You will schedule a teaching practicum of 9 weekly class sessions to teach your first Foundation Dyad Program, beginning summer or autumn 2024. Teacher Training participants will be asked to recruit participants for their program, with the support of Humanize marketing and explanation materials.

Prior to your practicum, you will receive individual and small-group assignments to further your preparation for content & technical aspects of facilitating the program.

Small-group coaching during your practicum will be scheduled with your Teacher Training Faculty member.


What past Teacher Training participants have said…

White Woman standing in a a forest in a beige jumper with her hands on her heart smiling

“The Teacher Training was a great experience with excellent and heart engaged trainers. Humanize's Dyad program offers a deep experiential space. It allows me – more directly than other mindfulness practices – to work on my relationship with myself, others and the world and it allows me to share this opportunity with others.”

“With the Dyads, I am impressed not only by the scientific basis, but also by the wide range of effects that I can observe in beginners as well as in experienced meditators – and not least in myself. For example, after more than 20 years of Shamatha, Vipassana and Metta practice, my body awareness has deepened significantly within a few months with Dyads. In conversations, I notice my empathic response more quickly and can consciously switch to compassion.”

Program Cost

Register and pay before February 15, 2024 and claim your early bird discount:

Pay in full, $3240 [€3030]


Four Monthly Installments of: $848 [€790]


Register and pay between February 15, 2024 and March 11, 2024:

Pay in full, $3450 [€3220]


Four Monthly Installments of $900 [€840]

Monthly Installments

If you decide to pay installments then the first installment is needed once your application is approved in order to secure your place. The remaining payments are made monthly thereafter.


A small number of scholarships are available for those in financial need. Humanize relies on tuition from participants to offer teacher training. Request for financial aid is included in the program application.

Is the Teacher Training program right for me?

Here are the qualities Humanize is looking for in Teacher Training applicants. If you’re unsure if the program is a fit for you, contact and we’ll be happy to talk through your questions.


Required Qualifications:

  • Participation in a Foundation Dyad Program Course
  • Experience teaching contemplative programs, such as mindfulness or compassion-based programs
  • Personal meditation or contemplative practice
  • Comfort with facilitating a program online using basic Zoom features like chat, breakouts, and screen share


Beneficial but not required:

  • Certification in a mindfulness or compassion-based training program (e.g. MBSR, MBCT, CCT)
  • Training or experience in psychology, therapy, or coaching
  • Other group teaching experience

Humanize Teacher Training Faculty

Lori Schwanbeck

Lori is a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, curriculum experience designer, organizational emotional intelligence facilitator, and retreat leader.

She is a senior faculty member at Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), an organization born at Google, where she mentors and trains teachers, and designs and facilitates both in-person and virtual mindfulness based emotional intelligence programs. Lori was involved in a 2-year project in Bhutan working in partnership with the Gross National Happiness initiative bringing SIYLI’s program to all levels of the Bhutanese government.

The heart of Lori’s work is embodied presence and conscious interconnectedness – to others and to nature.  She delights in sharing this through her nature-based mindfulness retreats at Esalen Institute, Modern Elder Academy, and Canyon Ranch.

Peter Bonanno

Peter Bonanno, Ed.M., designs and teaches large-scale mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs for organizations worldwide. He has been a founding team member in six different organizations within the fields of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, leadership development, and education, including as a founding faculty member of Search Inside Yourself Teacher Training, Compassionate Leadership Teacher Training, and Humanize Teacher Training.

For the past ten years, Peter has custom designed and taught mindfulness-based programs for diverse audiences including the United Nations, Google, the Bhutanese Ministry of Education, the International Rescue Committee, the American Red Cross, Cleveland Clinic, and Stanford University.

As the former Director of Program Development for the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Leadership Institute, he designed a train-the-trainer program that built a global network of over 750 certified trainers, reaching over 100,000 participants including tens of thousands of pro-bono participants in the social sector, and serving as perhaps the first widespread effort to bring mindfulness and compassion training to workplaces.

Peter’s creative work has been featured on three apps, for which he has been a curriculum designer, game designer, meditation teacher, and filmed instructor: Simple Habit, ReThink Care, and Balance. He has served as an advisor to Mindful Education and Transformative Educational Leadership, two non-profits in the education sector.

Humanize Teacher Training Guest Faculty

Margaret Cullen

Margaret Cullen is a licensed psychotherapist and was one of the first ten people to become a Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher.  For over 25 years, she has pioneered secular contemplative programs for a wide variety of populations including physicians, nurses, HIV positive men, cancer patients, overweight women, military spouses college students, clinicians and educators.  She has developed and taught contemplative interventions for research studies at Stanford, UCSF, Portland State, Penn State, University of Michigan, and University of Miami.  In 2013, she developed a mindfulness and compassion program (MBAT - Spouse) for military spouses that she piloted at Ft. Drum, Maxwell Air Force Base, and Joint Operations Special Command.  In 2015, she co-authored a book on Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance (MBEB), an evidence-based program that she piloted across the US and Canada.  She has also designed and co-delivered teacher trainings for MBAT-Spouse, Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) and MBEB.

As a clinician, Margaret has been a facilitator of support groups for cancer patients and their loved ones for 25 years.  In 2010, she was invited by Thupten Jinpa to contribute to the development of CCT, first through the Center for Compassion, Altruism, Research and Education at the Stanford School of Medicine and currently as Founding Faculty for the Compassion Institute.  A meditator for over 40 years, she has sat dozens of intensive retreats ranging from ten days to three months and has written extensively on mindfulness. Nothing brings her greater joy than contributing to a more compassionate world.

Dr. Elena Antonova

Elena is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Contemplative Neuroscience at Brunel University London, UK, which she joined in 2019.

Prior to that, she was a Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London, UK.

Her research focuses on the effects of long-term mindfulness practice using behavioral, psychophysiological, and neuroimaging methods, with the application to the prevention of psychopathologies and enhancement of well-being in vulnerable individuals.

Elena has been actively involved with the Mind & Life Institute since 2011 and the Mind & Life Europe since 2013 to support their mission of catalyzing the dialogue between contemplative traditions and science.

In 2017, Elena was elected a Mind & Life Research Fellow for her contribution to contemplative science.

Elena is committed to the dissemination of research findings in the field of contemplative neuroscience to the general public to enable as many people as possible to benefit from the evidence-based contemplative practices.

Dr. Olga Klimecki

Olga Klimecki, PhD is a neuroscientist and psychologist. She holds a PhD (Dr. phil., summa cum laude) from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and a Dr. rer. nat. habil. from Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, where she was guest professor in Psychology in 2020 and 2021.

Her research focuses on the promotion of mental and physical health across the lifespan. More specifically, Olga uses randomized controlled studies to test the causal impact of behavioural, cognitive, and emotional interventions. Her work also studies bio-psycho-social mechanisms of action with a focus on brain functions and connectivity, emotions, as well as interpersonal and intergroup behaviour.

She is also a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. More specifically, Olga took a 2-year course with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach at the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley, USA. Olga has been teaching meditation courses within institutions, companies, and to the general public across the world.

Olga (co-) authored over 80 scientific publications. In recognition of her research on neural plasticity and conflict resolution, Olga has received several grants and awards, including the Early Career Award from the Society for Social Neuroscience in Washington DC, a Marie Curie Fellowship and a Horizon 2020 grant from the European Commission as co-PI.

She is co-prinicpal investigator of the longest meditation study to date – the Medit-Ageing / Silver Santé study which was funded with a total of 7 Mio EUR. She has been leading research on conflict resolution in different countries since 2013.

Humanize Teacher Training Faculty

Martin Büchele

Martin is a meditation, mindfulness and compassion trainer with certifications in MBSR (Stress Management through Mindfulness) and CEB (Cultivating Emotional Balance). As an independent course instructor and as a senior trainer with Potential Project, the global provider of mindfulness training for organizations, he has 20 years of experience delivering mindfulness-based mental training programs in large and small corporations, international government organizations, and to individuals.

Martin was able to learn and teach contemplative dyads in the context of a recent research project at the Max Planck Social Neuroscience Lab ( He is impressed not only by the scientific findings but also by the wide range of positive effects he could observe in beginners as well as in experienced meditators - and not least in himself.

Cäcilia Krämer

Cäcilia Krämer has been teaching mindfulness & self-compassion for many years. She is based in Berlin.

She is a "Certified Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion" (Senior Teacher) and a founding member of the German-speaking MSC Teachers' Network (including leading intervision). Besides MSC she teaches MBSR, TAA and other formats for companies, social and cultural projects as well as private persons.

As a meditation teacher she was involved in the research project "CovSocial" at the Social Neuroscience Lab of the Max Planck Society in Berlin and in the "Reconnect in Society Masterclass", led by Prof. Dr. Tania Singer.

She has a rich knowledge of mindfulness-based bodywork (daily yoga practice since the age of 17, state-certified stage mimin, dance contact improvisation) and has many years of teaching experience in the cultural field (

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages can the foundation Dyad program be taught in?

The Foundation Dyad Program is currently supported in English and German. Once certified, you are able to teach Dyad programs in any language currently supported by Humanize, and in which you are capable of teaching a program. For example, you may complete teacher training in English and once certified teach programs in German.

Humanize has received requests to have program materials available in other languages. While we aspire for the program to be available in multiple languages, there are no current plans for Humanize to support translation into other languages in 2024.

Will Humanize Teacher Training be offered in other languages?

Humanize Teacher training is currently offered only in English. While teacher trainings in other languages may be available in the future, we encourage anyone who may be interested in teacher training and is able to take this training in English to sign up for this program. Teacher Training graduates will have materials to teach the Foundation Dyad Program in either of the two languages currently supported by Humanize, English and German.

How does my participation in TT work if I am a native German speaker?

The Teacher Training course is taught in English, however upon successful certification you may teach in any of the languages supported by Humanize at the time (currently, English and German). During the teacher training, Humanize’s bilingual program staff will be able to support German participants. Practice teaching groups will be organized for teachers to practice in German or English.

What are the criteria to be certified as a Humanize Dyad Teacher?

Humanize Teacher Training is structured around developing four areas of teacher competency:

  1. Embodying mindful, compassionate presence
  2. Holding a safe and effective group learning environment
  3. Conceptual clarity
  4. Group Facilitation

What are the prerequisites for attending Teacher Training?

To be eligible for Humanize Teacher Training, you must fulfill one of the following requirements:

  1. You have completed a Foundation Dyad Program 
  2. Or, You are currently participating in a Foundation Dyad Program that will be finished before Feb 1, 2024
  3. Or, You have completed a Dyad Masterclass program

Note: If you have only completed a Dyad Masterclass, you will be required to watch recordings of the FDP sessions before beginning Teacher Training to ensure that you are familiar with Humanize’s version of the Dyad training practice.

What happens if I need to miss a teacher training session?

Attendance at all Humanize Teacher Training sessions is essential for building community and preparing you to facilitate a Dyad program. If you are unable to attend a session, we ask that you notify the Teacher Training Faculty as soon as possible, and you will be asked to complete make-up work. If a participant will need to miss more than 2 sessions, Teacher Training Faculty will reach out to assess whether completion of the Teacher Training program is still possible.

After certification, do I have to teach the specific Foundation Dyad Program curriculum? Can I apply what I’ve learned in other ways?

Throughout the Teacher Training program you will learn skills and research related to the interpersonal nature of the Dyad practice which you are free to use and apply in your teaching or coaching practice. A “Foundation Dyad Program,” however, is a specific program and protocol created by Humanize which must be taught according to the curriculum guidelines and facilitated by the Humanize portal and app. The Humanize slides, brand, videos, and technology may only be used when teaching an Humanize Dyad Program.

How do I pay for the course?

Once you apply for the course, if you are accepted we will send you an invoice. You will be able to pay this invoice via bank transfer.

How do I take advantage of the early bird discount?

If you register, get accepted and pay either in full or the first instalment before October 31,  2023, you will receive the early bird discount.

What is the difference between the paid in full option and the four monthly installments?

If you pay the full course fee in advance you get a discount on the total price. If you are not able to pay in advance you can divide the course fee up into four monthly installments. We require either the paid-in-full fee or the first installment to confirm your place on the course.

Is there financial aid available to cover the costs and what are the payment plans?

Payment plans are available for teacher training, allowing you to pay for teacher training tuition in four monthly installments.

If you sign up and pay before 31st October 2023 you will receive the 255 USD early bird discount.

If you pay in full, you will receive a 185 USD discount. 

A limited amount of financial aid is available. The Teacher Training application contains a question asking about your interest in financial aid.

After Teacher Training, when I teach a course, how is revenue split between myself and Humanize?

Teachers determine when they want to run programs, which are then advertised by Humanize on the Humanize website. Humanize handles all of the customer registration, payments, onboarding, customer support, and of course provides the platform & app for participants to practice Dyads and receive course materials.

Contracts for teaching the programs are then run through Humanize, and teachers are paid as contractors from the overall course revenue.

The revenue sharing model is designed to compensate teachers according to their level of involvement in running the course. The other portion of revenue goes to Humanize to support its role in marketing, program development, and development & maintenance of the platform and app.

  • As a foundation, teachers are paid a base rate for their role teaching the course.
  • Teachers are then compensated at a higher rate if the course fills beyond 20 participants (an additional 45 EUR/48 USD per participant for each participants over 20)
  • Finally, teachers receive a higher portion of the total course revenue based on their role bringing participants into the course. Every teacher receives a personal ‘teacher code,’ and when a participant signs up for a course using that code, the teacher gets credit for recruiting that participant and thereby receives additional revenue (the teacher codes also give a discount to participants, as a nice bonus for them). Teachers receive 95 USD/EUR for each participant who signs up for a course using their teacher code.
  • As a teacher, you receive the same revenue share for bringing a student to a course whether the student using your teacher code signs up for a course youare teaching, or a course another teacher is teaching. This provides a benefit for everyone to advertise programs, regardless of which course a participant signs up for.

Programs must have a minimum of 12 participants to run, and are capped at 30 participants.

Rates will change slightly in 2024, this will be confirmed with Teacher Training participants by the end of 2023.

What is the start date of the practicum that we need to teach as part of the certification process?

After completing the first phase of teacher training in mid-may, you can schedule your teaching practicum to begin within six months at a time that works for you. During this time, Humanize will provide activities for self-study to continue preparing to teach.

Is the practicum taught with a real audience?

The practicums are collaboratively led by two teachers, with an ideal group size of 12. In this setup, each participant is responsible for inviting just six individuals. It's important to note that there is no public advertising for the practicum; instead, participants are encouraged to personally reach out to recruit friends, family, or colleagues. Participation in the practicum is entirely free, and there is no compensation provided for those involved in teaching it, as it is an integral component of their teacher training.

What is the anticipated start date of the second cycle of Teacher Training?

We have not yet determined when we will hold another Teacher Training program. At a minimum, we expect another teacher training program would not start for another year.