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The Humanize team will be sharing insights, observations and occasional science-related articles to enrich your practice of  the Humanize Dyad here from time to time.

We Created Content. But What We Needed was Connection.

By Peter Bonanno | April 16, 2024

High dropout rates leave mindfulness & mental health apps falling short of their potential. Maybe there’s just one thing missing. In 2016 I found myself sitting in a dimly-lit and soundproofed recording studio in downtown San Francisco, recording guided meditations for the first of what would become a few mindfulness apps that I’ve worked on…

Olga Klimecki and Elena Antonova join Humanize as Scientific Advisors

By Franziska Schmitt | January 30, 2024

Humanize has announced a new scientific advisory board to advise on breakthroughs in psychology and social neuroscience research. Dr Olga Klimecki and Dr Elena Antonova will from now on support Humanize’s use of healthy digital technology and evidence-based training to address the challenges of social disconnection in the modern era. In a world where people…

This New Years, Don’t try to Improve Yourself

By Peter Bonanno | January 5, 2024

What if rather than trying to IMPROVE yourself, you instead CONNECT with yourself? Each year the cycle begins anew:  feeling energized by the start of the New Year thinking about all the ways we might improve ourselves writing a task list signing up for gym memberships or buying knitting supplies Rallying ourselves to give another…

The paradox of talking about difficult emotions

By Peter Bonanno | November 1, 2023

You might think that talking about your difficult emotions — agitation, boredom, anger, nervousness, etc. — would worsen your mood. But a recent study suggests the opposite.

What are the Humanize Dyads?

By Franziska Schmitt | October 30, 2023

A Humanize Dyad is a brief, structured, intersubjective daily mental practice, where two people alternate between speaking and listening. It is a container for self-awareness and connection. When both the speaker and the listener are fully present, there is a welcoming space for the range of intra and interpersonal experience to arise.

Interoceptive awareness and the daily Dyad meditation

By Kelley Griffiths | October 20, 2023

Interoception, our internal sensory system, lets us understand and respond to our body’s needs. Receptors inside organs and skin send vital information to the brain, regulating functions like temperature, hunger, and heart rate.