Humanize Dyad Community

Sustain and deepen your Dyad practice.

Foster connection with Dyad graduates worldwide.

Cultivate personal and interpersonal growth.


The Community is for everyone that participated in a Dyad Program. Click here for current programs.

Why join the Humanize Dyad Community?

  • Daily Dyad practice with others who have completed the Dyad Program, changing partners weekly
  • Select your preferred time zone and language

  • Ability to opt out of Dyads on a week-by-week basis if you need a break

  • Periodic community webinars and events

  • Monthly subscription of 12 EUR / month, cancel anytime


Curious to explore? Register in the Humanize portal, or reach out to if you have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Dyad Community for?

The community is exclusively for those who have been trained through the Humanize Foundation Dyad Program.

How do subscriptions to Dyads work?

  • Once you’re subscribed, you’ll see a new “Weekly Enrollment Reminder” on your Dashboard.

  • By default you will

    • be enrolled for Dyads each week

    • enrolled in the English, global time zone cohort

  • If you need to opt out for a week (because you’re on vacation, etc.), or change your cohort to German/English, or US/Europe, you have until Friday at 6pm EST (midnight CET) each week to change your preferences for the following week.

  • On Saturday you’ll see who next week’s Dyad partner will be. This gives you time to coordinate your schedules via the Humanize scheduling tool with that partner before you begin Dyads on Monday. See this walkthrough video of how to schedule daily Dyads.

  • Each Monday is the start of the “Dyad Week,” the first day with your new partner. Dyad weeks are Monday-Sunday.

How can I change my subscription?

You can change or cancel your overall Humanize subscription from your account settings at any time.

Are there Community Guidelines?

Yes! All the same Dos and Don’ts from your Dyad program still apply – agreements like confidentiality, sticking to the Dyad script exactly, not commenting on your partner’s sharing, and communicating with your partner only via the Humanize app (not asking for personal contact info). These are essential to creating an environment of safety where growth and transformation is possible. Please read the community guidelines above.

How much is the subscription?

Payments are currently in Euros which are about the same as US Dollars – €12 is about $13.

How can I register for the Dyad Community?

To register, simply sign in to the Humanize portal, and click the Subscribe button on the dashboard.  If you don’t remember your password, use the forgotten password link to create a new one. 

Subscribe to the Humanize Dyad Community and get back to the daily practice of strengthening your resiliency, empathy, compassion and social connectedness

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