Our mission is to
reconnect humanity.

Our mission is to
reconnect humanity.

Reconnect to yourself, others, and humanity.

The Humanize Dyad is a breakthrough partner-based practice based on social neuroscience that builds well-being, emotional intelligence, and connectedness with others in 15 minutes per day.

Join hundreds of Dyadists and start your transformative journey with the 9-week Foundation Dyad Program.


What is the Humanize Dyad?

A daily 15-minute partner-based practice of self-reflection, deep listening, and social and emotional skills.

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Benjamin - v2
"The Humanize Dyad allowed me to explore positive and negative experiences in my entire body. Repeating this process daily over the course of 2-months sharpened my awareness of somatic experiences, also outside of the program."

Benjamin Schoelzel, Germany

Diane - v2
"I learned how I can surf the challenges of my day, seeing how they are balanced and supported with gratitude. Taking turns sharing and listening feels so supportive.

The Dyads have come to be a daily opportunity to ground and connect, with myself and someone else. My sense of common humanity has expanded in such a tangible way."

Diane Hetrick, United States

Angela - v2
"The Dyad program surprised me very positively. It has connected me again or more strongly with my body. Above all I could notice a quicker connection to strangers outside the course in everyday life. It invited me very much to reflect. I find the Dyad practice in this form very valuable."

Angela Kraus, Germany

Jana - v2
"Participating in the Humanize Dyad Program was a unique experience that had a very special impact on my life. For the first time, I learned to perceive my body sensations more consciously. The redirection from thinking to feeling was not easy for me at first, but over time I was able to increasingly perceive my emotions and also better classify them. Learning the difference between empathy, compassion, and emotional contagion was an eye-opener to this, allowing me to connect with others even better. I have already recommended the program to several friends."

Jana Schellong, Germany

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