Your Daily Dose of Connection.

In a world where people are constantly “connected” online but experiencing increasing rates of stress, loneliness, anxiety, and polarization, Humanize takes a unique approach: utilizing healthy technology to cultivate real connection through short partner-based mental practices.

The Humanize Dyad is a breakthrough partner-based practice,  held securely online through the Humanize App. Based on social neuroscience, it builds resilience and social capacities such as empathy, compassion and social connectedness in 15 minutes per day. 

Join hundreds of Dyadists and start your journey with the 9-week science-based Foundation Dyad Program.


Learn to connect with yourself

Develop a better understanding of what signals your emotions are sending.

Find insights about yourself and relationship habits that are hidden within your emotions – especially challenging emotions, which people tend to avoid.

Increase connection with others

Improve your listening skills.

Practice hearing beyond the surface-level words into the deeper emotions that another person is experiencing.

Feel connected to humanity

Connect with a wide variety of people, and break down social fears that create a feeling of separation and loneliness.

Practice gratitude daily to become more connected to other people and the world around you.

Partners and Collaborators


Build resilience, empathy, compassion and social connectedness

97% of program participants expressed satisfaction with the Dyad experience.
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Honouring The Contributions of Dr. Tania Singer

Prof. Dr. Tania Singer, scientific head of the Social Neuroscience Lab of the Max Planck
Society, Germany, was honorary co-founder, scientific and curriculum advisor of Humanize
from 2021 to May 2023. In these roles she helped create the vision and mission as well as
the psychological and scientific backbone of Humanize. She also advised and introduced the
team to the Dyad intervention programs she developed over the last years in the context of
the ReSource and CovSocial projects, her Masterclasses and workshops and helped adapt
those for Humanize for better scalability and transfer into society in form of the Humanize
Foundation Dyad Program. At present, she has neither any active role nor shares in the