About Humanize

We live in a world where people are hyper-linked by technology but experiencing increasing rates of stress, loneliness, anxiety, and polarization.

Humanize was founded in 2021 with a mission: To bring scalable practices and technology to people, that addresses the “disconnection from ourselves, others, and humanity.”


Who We Are

A global digital platform for individuals and organizations that uses healthy digital technology and evidence-based training to address the challenges of social disconnection in the modern era.

What We Do

Our participants report 97% satisfaction with the Humanize Dyads, which are proven to strengthen resilience, improve mental health, build social skills and relational well-being.

Why We Do It

Our participants report 97% satisfaction with the Humanize Dyads, which are proven to strengthen resilience, improve mental health, build social skills and relational well-being.

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Why Humanize?

We live in a time of constant online “connection” but we face a lack of real connection to ourselves and others.

  • 61% of Americans report feeling lonely (Cigna 2020)
  • 72% experience health impacts due to stress (APA 2022)
  • Trust in others is at its lowest level in 40 years (Gallup 2021)

Humanize was created as a compassionate response to challenges and suffering of our modern world. In a world where people are hyper-linked but experiencing increasing rates of stress, loneliness, anxiety, and polarization, Humanize takes a unique approach: utilizing healthy technology to cultivate real connection through short partner-based mental practices — the Humanize Dyads.

The Humanize Dyads reconnect people with themselves, others and humanity and help strengthen resilience and social capacities such as empathy, compassion and social connectedness.

97% of our Dyad Program participants are very satisfied and would recommend the program. Are you ready to join the practice today?

The Science behind Humanize

Humanize was founded in 2021 with the goal of bringing the Humanize Dyads into the world to reconnect humanity. Humanize Dyads and the Foundation Dyad Program are science-based and largely inspired by seminal research by the Max Planck Institute’s Social Neuroscience Lab, in one of the largest scientific mental training studies, the ResourceProject (Singer et al., 2016, Kok & Singer, 2017) and more recently the 9-week online curriculum from the CovSocial project (Godaraet al., 2021). Based on the ancient practice of dyad in the Zen tradition and then in the Satori programs, Humanize has adapted and further developed these research-based practices. The aim of the company is scalably addressing social crises around well-being, resilience, social isolation, and social cohesion.

Peter Bonanno
“What makes Humanize distinct from other well-being or mindfulness training practices is that it is social, it’s focused on connection. That’s why we’re excited to have Dr Klimecki and Dr Antonova on board. Their research focuses on the neuroscience of social, emotional, and attentional capacities which are essential for how we connect with each other.”

Peter Bonanno, Director of Curriculum and Teacher Training for Humanize.

“The Scientific Advisory Board will strengthen the role of Humanize as a reliable institution of science-based programs and practices”

Franziska Schmitt, Program Director

“This world is in a desperate need of us connecting with ourselves and each other in the space of open presence and compassion. Humanize offers the platform for enabling just that, which inspired me to join Humanize as a scientific advisor to support them on their mission.”

Elena Antonova, Scientific Advisor

“In my practice of mindfulness meditation, dyadic meditation has become an integral part, because it deepens my insights and my focus. As a scientist with a curiosity for how meditation practice impacts well-being, I would like to contribute theoretical knowledge on how to adapt the meditation practice to best meet the practitioners' needs and ultimately, on how to contribute to better well-being.”

Olga Klimecki, Scientific Advisor

"Humanize goes beyond traditional mindfulness by integrating social neuroscience into a transformative 9-week journey. This unique approach not only enhances personal well-being by cultivating a deeper level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence but also cultivates deeper connections with others. Under the expert guidance of our scientific advisors, Dr. Klimecki and Dr. Antonova, we embark on a journey to unlock the profound power of human connection."

Jessica Welik, Program Assistant

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