Humanize Foundation Dyad Facilitator

Lone Svenningsen

My name is Lone B. Svenningsen. I am a practicing physician (since 2005) and trained at Stanford University in Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) in 2017/18. Certified trainer from January 2019.

In healthcare, I have had the great pleasure of meeting and seeing countless wonderful people who, in one way or another, help to alleviate the suffering of others through their work. - The ability to be empathetic and caring is challenged in a hectic everyday life, but this ability can be strengthened and trained through CCT. And it is a great pleasure for me to be able to pass on this knowledge and training to others.

Currently, I work about 3 days a week as a general practitioner and teach Compassion 2 days a week. Among other things, I am employed as an external lecturer at Aalborg University, where I will teach medical students in communication, empathy and Compassion in their new teaching curriculum from 2021.

At Odense University, Clinical Institute, I am currently teaching managers, administrative staff, researchers, chief physicians, professors, doctors and medical students in 8 weeks of CCT, as they have a great interest in learning about Compassion and using it in daily life.

In 2019-2020, I have taught an 8-week CCT course for midwives at Skejby University Hospital, because they have a goal of being a "Compassionate department".

In addition, I teach at Aarhus University under the Danish Center for Mindfulness and have private classes in Ebeltoft.

I also give lectures on Compassion around the country.