Martin Büchele (Foto copyright Zaponig) _AZA0048

Humanize Senior Foundation Dyad Facilitator

Martin Büchele

Founding Faculty

Martin is a meditation, mindfulness and compassion trainer with certifications in MBSR (Stress Management through Mindfulness) and CEB (Cultivating Emotional Balance). As an independent course instructor and as a senior trainer with Potential Project, the global provider of mindfulness training for organizations, he has 20 years of experience delivering mindfulness-based mental training programs in large and small corporations, international government organizations, and to individuals.

Martin was able to learn and teach contemplative dyads in the context of a recent research project at the Max Planck Social Neuroscience Lab ( He is impressed not only by the scientific findings but also by the wide range of positive effects he could observe in beginners as well as in experienced meditators - and not least in himself.