Martin Büchele (Foto copyright Zaponig) _AZA0048

Humanize Foundation Dyad Facilitator

Martin Büchele

Martin is a meditation, mindfulness and compassion trainer with certifications in MBSR (Stress Management through Mindfulness) and CEB (Cultivating Emotional Balance). As an independent course instructor and as a senior trainer with Potential Project, the global provider of mindfulness training for organizations, he has 20 years of experience delivering mindfulness-based mental training programs in large and small corporations, international government organizations, and to individuals.

In Prof. Dr. Tania Singer's recent research project ( and as an assistant in her ReConnect in Society Masterclass, Martin was able to learn and teach the dyads. He was impressed not only by the scientific basics but also by the wide range of effects he could observe in beginners as well as in experienced meditators - and last but not least in himself.